NABF’s INTERVIEW with ROCK STAR SAMMY HAGARsammy                      

Who would have thought? One of rock and roll’s biggest superstars is also one of boxing’s biggest fans. Affectionately known by his fans as “The Red Rocker,” Sammy Hagar’s boxing roots date back to the days when his father was a professional fighter. Fighting under the assumed name of Bobby Burns, his father Robert Hagar was a respectable fighter back in the‘30’s and 40’s. Early on, Sammy thought about following in his father’s footsteps until the early 1960’s when groups like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones turned him in the direction that would eventually make him famous around the world.


After paying his dues in the rock world much like a club fighter first pays his dues, Sammy Hagar first gained fame and fortune in the early 1970’s with the band Montrose. After tensions within the group forced him to leave Montrose, Sammy launched a successful solo career in the mid 1970’s. Classic hits such as “I Can’t Drive 55” and “Three Lock Box”

hmVail, Hubert, Albert, Herbert and Gilbert Minn gathered at Hubert’s home in Manoa recently. The family has found success in a variety of sports.

We see each other at conventions and fights. We consider each other part of a large family coming together for great events. We are united by our love for the wonderful sport of boxing; but we rarely do we look beneath the colorful fabric that makes each other’s lives special. Judge, Hubert Minn has an amazing story. I will begin by quoting you an article from the Hawaii Star Bulletin written about him and his family:
“The family has been involved n Sports for three generations. They’ve been principals,

referees, soldiers, legislators, coaches and teachers. The Minn family is wildly known in Hawaii for its athletic prowess in a variety of sports – but what really makes them standout is

th“Be yourself and always be ready to learn.” Spoken by one of the best trainers in boxing,  Mr. Jack Loew.

The NABF is proud of the fighters who wear their Belts. Many of them go on to become world class heroes; and as a famous athlete once said " be a real champion you have to win twice." That's where the Trainer comes in. A trainer can make the difference between a surprise win and a consistent winner. And now, for Jack Loew; this months' NABF star is such a man -- the champions champion,  one of the most respected men in our community.

Tell me about your journey to the ring? Why boxing?

 My journey to the ring began when I was in the 8th grade, I started training in the 8th grade and boxed through my senior year in high school, I had a record of 18- 1 as an amateur, I was also an all states football player and accepted a scholarship to the University of Southern Colorado, while playing at USC I injured my knee and 4 operations later my football career was over.

Who inspired you? Who are your heroes?

Actually my H/S football coach has inspired me by the way he coached. I have carried this over to the way I train my boxers.

My hero is my granddaughter Alexa.

claude_awardRREMEMBERED At our 52nd Convention::
 Claude Jacksonn was of the kindest, most dedicated advocates in the boxing community.  He  neve  said a bad thing about anyone. More so,  we never heard anyone say a bad thing about him. Given the playing field, that spells unusual for a man who''d accomplished so much; past NABF President, Head of the Ratings Committee... 

Jill: Why boxing?

harold paulie-530x317

“And now the rules with our unofficial ringside scorer, Harold Lederman…”—Jim Lampley

“Harold, how do you have it after five?”—Lampley

“Jim, I gotta tell ya, this guy better start punching; I can’t give him a round until he does.”—Lederman

“Okay. JIIIIIIMM!”—Lederman

“Contrary to widespread speculation, Lederman does not believe that nefarious activity played a role in the Bradley-Pacquiao result.”—Lem Satterfield (The Ring)

 “There is no sign of him slowing down. Being able to recall fights with such detail and color speaks to his brilliance and deep-rooted love for the sweet science, which I share. Boxing is both our oxygen and without it we are unable to breathe…Like 67-year-old Mick Jagger who is still lighting up the stage and strutting his stuff, Lederman loves his work and has no concept of the term ‘retirement.’”—George Hanson Jr., Esq. (FightKings)

PearsonsThe Pearson Family Tree

Jill: Tell us the Ed story?

Ed:     I worked for a local radio station in the early ‘80s, and we broadcast fightcards involving amateur standouts at the time, Willie deWitt and Shawn O’Sullivan, who were world amateur champions, and who became pros. Soon after, I became involved with the local commission, the national association, and finally the NABF and WBC.




Anyone in boxing who doesn’t know who Bobby Goodman is, well, … get outta town. Anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting him…  you have something to look forward to! He’s one of the best, any sport, any place -  and he’s ours!
bobgoodman Bobby "The Mensch" Goodman

Jill: How old where you when you saw your first fight?
Bobby: I was about 7 or 8 years old when I went with my father to me first fights.  I had to be a little careful because the age limit was 14 but I was a gym rat and they all knew me.  I saw Pep, Louis, Walcott, Robinson and even Marcel Cerdan.  

Jill: What was it like being Murray's son?
Bobby: Being Murray's son was so very special because he brought me to live in the training camps of so many of my heros. Louis,  Cerdan, Robinson, Kid Gavilan, Paddy Young,and even Melio Bettina.  It was great being around the stars of boxing and other sports.  I got pretty close as a young man to Rocky Marciano.  I would pitch to him out by the pool at Grossinger’s we had a nice relationship.  Dad and I were close friends and I really learned the business from him in the beginning.  I was gone on the sport though and never wanted to do anything else.

Cleto-Reyes-Event-05-19-2012-1-of-25-500x317A real “KO” group of prizefighters, boxing officials, special guests and fans came out to witness the official Grand Opening of the Cleto Reyes Boxing Equipment store in San Diego, California. Visitors from both Mexico and Southern California joined the weekend celebration at this new retail venue located off of Miramar Road.

In my exclusive report, check out what the day was like as the legendary glove and boxing equipment company launched their second brick-and-mortar location in SoCal; their first store is in the city of Anaheim. A ribbon cutting ceremony, prize raffle, free giveaways, photo and autograph sessions and a catered lunch by La Escondida was featured during the outdoor gathering.

Mike George

Perhaps one of the most eclective men in boxing, a renassaince person, a lover of the sport and of its people... our own Mike George, steps into the Ring. Who hasn't  been embroiled in a conversation with the unique Mr. George, never knowing where it would end up; like a spring board into phoilosophy, tao and down and dirty .. "no, he should've taken a point." To know him is to admire his, quite, steady manner. He brings so much to the sport, to the table and to the NABF.

Jill: How did you become involved in Boxing?